Together We Build Dreams

We create Financial Superwomen and empower them to be financially secure and stable.

To do that, you need to the right financial information and education.

We have created a Free Workshop to begin your journey to financial security and freedom.

Free Workshop for Female DV Survivors
looking for Financial Knowledge

The next workshops are:

Online Fortnightly from Monday 18th March 

Saturday 27th April – Deception Bay 

Saturday 18th May – Beenleigh   

Friday 31st May – Knox

These workshops are free and aim to educate participants in all things MONEY and Finances. Many people do not understand money or finances. They find it scary and don’t want to deal with it. We are here to make money management easy and support you with getting back on your feet.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Attend our Financial Superwoman workshop
  2. Choose a financial mentor
  3. You get back on your feet quicker
  4. You enjoy financial security and stability

The workshop will cover things such as:

  1. Opening bank accounts & navigating scams
  2. Budgeting & learning to love money
  3. Successfully renting a home
  4. Saving to purchase your own home
  5. Navigating tax debt or starting a business
  6. Further support in your journey with

Our experts will share their knowledge within small groups, so you can ask your questions and get personal attention.  The information will be easy to understand.  Our goal is to increase your knowledge to empower you around money and finances and give you the strength to break the cycle.

There will also be an opportunity for participants to receive one on one attention specific to their situation if requested for the weeks following the event.

These workshops have been running since Oct 2020 & have helped more than 250 women (@ 31/12/23).

What participants have said:

  • “This group changed my life and confidence for the better.”
  • “Every conversation was illuminating. So much confidence and clarity
    gained. I have my next steps written down and prioritised – THANK YOU!”
  • “I learnt so much within the first hour alone. I have received so much
    help, information and support today. I feel confident and supported. I
    met some amazing and powerful women and I feel so grateful to have been a
    part of this today.”
  • “Broken to Brilliant were excellent”
  • “This is my second workshop. I was so supported and able to highlight
    areas that were of greatest concern…I walked away with a tangible working
    action to try for 30 days, thank you.”
  • “Great detail. A comprehensive approach to the holistic economic areas
    impacting women. So valuable!!!”
  • “Oh my – eye opening – this is unlike anything available. I am so blessed
    and have a way forward now!!”
  • “Thank you ladies, fantastic day, I love this village”


For further information or to see how you can either assist or participate please contact us at

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